About us

Antanta has been a part of an advertising market since 2008.

We are specializing in working with big companies and chain stores. Our capabilites echo extensive experience in adapting creative solutions to technical requirements. We offer a full production cycle.

Our staff numbers more than 50 professionals who excel in different areas. Their everyday work includes supporting and maintaining projects, developing creative solutions, printing, producing, establishing delivery logistics hubs, and even assembling the fruits of their labour.

They are assisted by more than 1000 local and international suppliers. This partnership allows us to fulfill the most ambitious and complex adveretising ideas of our clients: retailers, restaurant owners, hoteliers and others.

Our mission is to become the most reliable partners and skilled professionals in advertising and production sector.

skilled professionals are employed in Antanta
clients from all over Russia are working with us
layouts by our designers are agreed-upon every year
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